Unblock telegram

Unblock telegram

Telegram is considered a popular alternative to WhatsApp. How the platform works, what is special about it and why not only Michael Wendler has now decided to use Telegram.

Anyone looking for an alternative to WhatsApp will come across Telegram, among others. Now pop star Michael Wendler also refers to the app and says he only wants to communicate with fans there. Even beyond that, the chat program has been very popular, especially since the beginning of the Corona crisis, and currently has 400 million users worldwide. About 1.5 million users are expected to join the program daily.

Protests and resistance are nowadays publicly organized via messengers and social media platforms. This makes it easier for activists to network with like-minded people, but also carries the risk of being sabotaged by governments. This could soon be the case in Thailand, where the government is currently dealing with a telegram ban and an accompanying blockade by the internet providers.

The Thai police are already cracking down hard on local media reporting on the pro-democracy protests as well as on the activist group’s Facebook pages because they pose a “threat to national security”. In addition to calling on the police to ban the content, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society is trying to censor the social media application Telegram, as it too represents a “threat to national security”.

The young Thai protesters have a strong social media network. The most important app used to coordinate their intentions is Telegram, which was developed by two Russian brothers and already had 400 million active users per month in April this year. The messaging service allows users to send encrypted messages and does not censor the content of its users in groups or private chats.

Telegram stores chats with 256-bit symmetrical AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and the Diffie-Hellman key exchange method. Chats are additionally encrypted end-to-end if started secretly by the users. This is only possible via the app, not via the desktop application.
How to unlock Telegram?

To use Telegram even if the government or Internet Service Provider has effectively blocked it, you can use a VPN provider that disguises your Internet activity. Then all your traffic will be routed through a protected tunnel and it is no longer possible for your ISP to determine the type of traffic. This means that specific applications such as Telegram can no longer be blocked for you.
VPN to unblock Telegram and other messengers

A good VPN provider that also unlocks websites successfully blocked in China is vyprvpn. With the Chameleon protocol, this provider has a unique selling point that should help circumvent blockades by the state government.

Alternatively, we can also recommend the following providers for unlocking Telegram:

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