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gambling & tradingA VPN makes surfing more secure and discreet. Without VPN, a visit to an online casino or a financial trading site is sometimes not possible at all. What is a VPN and what role does it play in casinos?

Special Access with VPN: How does it work in Gambling Sites?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to establish a connection between a terminal device and the Internet. The end device can be a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The principle of the VPN: If the user connects to the Internet via the network, data is transferred through a virtual tunnel. This is encrypted. VPNs are being used more and more frequently. The networks offer investors various advantages. Firstly, VPNs increase security. By transferring data through an encrypted tunnel, privacy is much less exposed to the desires of hackers and criminals.

But that’s not all: VPNs allow geoblocking to be overcome. Many applications are blocked in certain countries. The reason for this can be laws, copyrights or other restrictions. That’s why geoblockings often occur with casino or trading platforms. A typical example  besides casino websites are high leverage Bitcoin derivative trading platforms like this one, for instance.

Whoever uses a VPN is not recognizable as a resident of a certain country (this can otherwise be recognized by the IP address). This allows VPN users to use services that are otherwise blocked. VPNs can also be used to play in online casinos. However, some casinos prohibit this in their terms and conditions. The best online casinos on the net allow access via VPNs, however.

Playing in online casinos over a VPN makes sense if the player is in a restrictive country. In many Arab countries, but also in Japan, gambling is prohibited. From these countries, access to an online casino is not possible at all. A VPN changes this because it assigns the user an IP address from a country where gambling is allowed. But even if you are in Germany, you can play more securely with a VPN in an online casino. Since the actual location of the user as well as his data exchange is hidden by the VPN, his activities are much more difficult to document and monitor. A VPN therefore offers players significantly more privacy.

How is a VPN used in a Trading or Casino Website?

If you want to play poker with one of these platforms with a VPN, you can use numerous services. In most cases, these are offers with costs. The services provide an app. This is used to establish a connection between your own end devices and the server of the VPN provider. The apps are downloaded and installed on the end device. The connection to the provider’s server is then established. Users can often choose between different servers. Various settings are then made. These concern for example Auto-Connect and Kill Switch. Once set up, the connection over the Internet is always made via the VPN from now on. VPNs differ in terms of cost, server speed and security.

Important: The respective casino must also allow access via a VPN. Therefore a look at the terms and conditions is essential. Some casinos state in their terms and conditions that the use with a VPN is not permitted.

In the worst case, an accrued profit will not be paid out. In this case, in case of doubt, it is necessary to obtain written insurance and to have the use of a VPN approved.

Here is a list of countries where online gambling is strictly prohibited.

Which VPN for a Visit to the Online Casino or Trading Platform?

Price from
Features Affordable and fast VPN service that keeps no logfiles and offers lots of servers and clients. Great for more privacy.
Price from $3.71
Features Highly secure Proxy and VPN provider based in Malaysia. 1700 servers available in 70 countries. Supporting lots of protocols and payment methods.
Price from free/$3.00
Features Quality and security from Switzerland - No logfiles and their own, secure protocol Chameleon that even works in China. Offers starting from only $2.49 - Get access to over 200.000 IP adresses from all over the world, now!
Price from $2.49

Which VPN is suitable for a visit to the online casino? There are a whole range of providers. These include Express VPN, Nord VPN, Surfshark, CyberGhost, IPVanish and Private VPN. Nord VPN is praised by users again and again for its quick and uncomplicated installation. Access costs about 75 EUR every two years – the equivalent of a good three euros per month. Many other VPN providers are also in this price range. Nord offers VPN without log files and streaming without buffering.

The company’s servers are located all over the world. Those who use the offer can use it for several devices at the same time. It is possible to mask the own IP address and protect the own data traffic. Also malware and advertising can be blocked with Nord VPN. The offer is also suitable for regular visits to the online casino.

With good VPNs, there is no trade-off between security and speed. Powerful providers create a secure environment for Internet use without sacrificing data transfer rates.

A VPN can offer these Advantages:

  • more security and privacy
  • Access despite geoblocking
  • Hide IP
  • better streaming (no buffering)
  • Use on all end devices

Bypassing Online Casino or Trading Site IP Geoblockings with Proxy

Price from
Features Highly secure Proxy and VPN provider based in Malaysia. 1700 servers available in 70 countries. Supporting lots of protocols and payment methods.
Price from free/$3.00
Features Free, highly secure but slow alternative. Can and should be used in addition to a proxy or VPN service for even more security.
Price from free
Features They offer a free web proxy. Their paid VPN service is also reliable.
Price from free

With a proxy server you can not only bypass the Ip lock, but also surf sites like Netflix or special foreign sites without any obstacles. This not only disguises your own IP address, but also suggests to the website operator that you are from a different country than you actually are. So you can bypass the country block and access otherwise blocked content.

It is possible to create geoblocking hurdles directly with the help of a proxy. If you have connected to a proxy server which is available in the respective country, you can bypass an IP ban. All you have to do is enter the IP address in your browser, router or VPN router. On the website of the proxy server there is enough information to bypass the IP ban.

Netflix Bypass VPN Ban 2020 works just as well with a proxy. All you need to do is go to Settings and then Internet Options. Under Connections you will also find the LAN settings where you can check the box Proxy server for LAN. Under Address and Port you can also enter the country in which the proxy should connect.

With Fire Fox, however, everything is a little different. All you have to do is click on “Settings” and above that on “General”.

There you should be able to change the connection settings in the Network Proxy section. This should make it easy to bypass the country lock.

With Google Chrome it is even easier. You can find the “Advanced” section under the settings. There you can change some proxy settings.

Bypassing IP blocks with Smart DNS

Smart DNS is another technology you can use to circumvent VPN geoblocking. These services also work on multiple platforms and operating systems. It can even be used on the smartphone, so bypassing geoblocking is no longer a problem for Android.

The Smart DNS service can be easily configured. In addition, DNS does not use any encryption, so your IPS speed will not suffer. Moreover, these services are quite cheap. However, the disadvantage is that not all pages can be unlocked automatically. So you can’t bypass the IP, so you can’t use it in every country without restrictions.

Therefore, the Netflix VPN lock should be bypassed, so that it is not so easy anymore. With Smart DNS, your geographical location is still displayed.

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