Unblock Youku.com

It’s not possible to enjoy Youku.com on your Windows or Mac Machine or your Android Telephone or Tablet Computer? When you run into problems with opening Youku.com with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer – we offer affordable and professional ways to view that.
It is possible your DSL Provider censors access to Youku.com. Or Youku.com gets blocked in order of your schools specialized security applications .

Additionally its likely that you are blocked by Youku.com – because they do not have the license to their site in your place.

If access to Youku.com is restricted by your Internet Service Provider via DNS, its simple to unblock that. You can just alter your Domain Name Server and thats it. Merely use Googles DNS Server / – or any Domain Name server from Best DNS. More information on how it functions and what DNS is is also found on the website. If switching your the Domain Name Servers didnt unlbock it – there are more options. To access Youku.com, you can also utilize a proxy service that’s a simple solution to open web sites with plain written content and small images.

A Proxy replaces your local IP and provided that the access to the proxy website isnt blocked, the Webproxy loads the blocked Youku.com page for your device and displays the blocked Youku.com web site to your computer on its machine. Therefore you can gain access to Youku.com images and text.

Free public webproxies for your device.

IPs not choosable
Countries 3
IPs ten thousands
Countries almost every country
IPs not choosable
Countries 157

Also, most users are not aware of that you can use Google Translate as a proxy server to un-block websites.

How about video streaming?

But when you want to stream Moving Pictures from Youku.com, you will need an alternative that is faster with no traffic limits, traffic throttling or slow servers. You need something speedy. A great solution to unblock streaming : Virtual Private Networks. You sign up for a service, install their Virtual Private Network application and this way you can virtually move to almost any nation in the whole world. With awesome network speeds – perfect for movie- streaming. A VPN Tunnel can be free too – many VPN Tunnels provide free trials.

Biggest VPN suppliers available on the market to view Youku.com:

Price from $3.71
IPs 5000+
Countries 61+
Price from $3.29
IPs 40,000 IPs
Countries 37
Price from $ 6.55
IPs 120.000 IPs
Countries 190
Not just Youku.com will likely be not be inaccessible, you can also view series and videos in other regions on homepages of regional Television and Radio broadcasters like Fox Sports ,Channel 5 and thousand other channels. With a VPN connection you also can de-block every page on planet earth, regardless of where you live.

As a cherry on top, VPN Provider encrypts all data-traffic with whom you communicate and which web pages you watch. A VPN Provider is a great option for deblocking Youku.com! Also, you need to pick a VPN which does not keep any logs about your actions, on the IPAddress you used on the WWW and also the timestamps when you linked to the VPN provider.

To be guarded, choose a VPN Tunnel which supports Youku.com to be unblocked by Bitcoin as a payment solution – it is the safest way to cover anonymously. If the VPN Service doesnt have any information about you, there’s nothing they can give to others. In addition, the Onion Router Project might allow you to de-censor Youku.com for free. Its less quick than a VPN – but it gives you access to an unblocked net promptly. Take a look within our provider comparisons to receive the best and cheapest solution to un-block Youku.com These Top 3 VPN Service above allow p2p traffic, follow a no logfiles rule, allow anonymous payments with bitcoin while torrenting, so that you get great down-/upload speeds and supply enormous traffic capacities to large networks.

When you have some questions regarding loading Youku.com – please ask them below this informative article.


About Youku:

The best way to Stream Youku Videos Outside China

Youku (youku.com) is the 2nd largest video sharing website online. The website is ranked in China as video website since YouTube is blocked. The website collectively with Tudou represents an enormous ball of video traffic and serves millions of users. The service may be obtained through computers in addition to iPads iPhones, Android Smartphones and tablet computers in the form of native programs.

Youku is powered by user-created content along with videos supplied by over 1,500 licensed content suppliers. The website also features full length movies from Western nations and episodes. Such content is generally unavailable on other video websites because of copyright problems but they’re freely accessible on Youku because the digital rights management (DRM) prices are lower than the remaining entire world. In a lot of ways, it’s the method of fighting piracy because it’s a technique to give away the content at low prices instead of getting nothing whatsoever of the sector.

Although a lot of videos on Youku web site may be seen from any state, lots of videos are blocked outside China due to licensing and copyright problems from your DRM degree. As you can picture, this could cause tremendous annoyance and tourists who rely for their daily dose of amusement on Youku. In the event you’re searching for a smart means of getting around the DRM problems you should make use of a VPN to “go into China” for more content.

Youku can recognize the place of its own visitors. Every computer on the net has an IP address that is different also it may show lots of aspects, including the visitor’s place,. Nevertheless, it’s also possible through the use of an IP changer just like virtual private network or a proxy to avoid place established limitations.

While proxy is popular as an IP service that is altering, VPNs provide better results as much as unlocking video streaming websites are worried. The explanation for that is easy to comprehend; most proxy services are not fast plus a few of them leak actual IPs which may leave them worthless. VPNs, on the other hand, offer bulletproof security and extremely high speed that results from websites like Youku in a considerably better flowing encounter.

The best way to Unlock Youku Videos Outside China

Measure 1: step one would be to look using a server for a VPN service provider. For unlocking Youku videos, it is possible to subscribe to endless VPN plans from HideMyAss, Leafy VPN, SuperVPN, VPNWorld and USAIP.eu. These VPN suppliers are recognized because of their VPN service that is dependable plus they’ve been effective at producing anonymity which is vital for unlocking video streaming web services like Youku and first-class connection speeds.

Step 2: Get the VPN client in the VPN supplier’s official website and install it according to the details supplied or configure the virtual private network by editing the network settings. In regards to cellular devices like Smartphones/tablet computers, there’s generally no setup necessary but you do have by changing few network settings to configure the VPN service. Nearly all VPN suppliers supply all-inclusive set up tutorials thus be sure you pick up the most suitable set up method meant for controlling platform and your present apparatus.

Step 3: Save the upgrades and reboot computer or your notebook if needed (not essential for hand-held devices that are mobile). In terms of tablet computers and Smartphones are worried, you just need use and to save the upgrades and shut and restart the programs to use the most recent network configuration.

Measure 4: Get linked to the recently installed VPN service by simply clicking on the Connect choice or the VPN icon. Based upon place and your internet speed, it may take few minutes for any VPN to get the default VPN server.

Measure 5: make sure you choose a VPN server that is Chinese in the event the default server isn’t from China. Nearly all VPN sellers have servers in several states meaning you must choose a server from China. In case multiple VPN servers are provided by your VPN seller pick a server which is nearest to your own place that is actual so that you can get quicker video streaming speeds.

Step 6: See the Youku web site again and examine whether you can see videos that are R-rated. To gain access to the service through Smartphones and tablet computers, close Youku native program and start it again to unlock all its attributes. You’re now prepared to appreciate Youku videos from any location on earth.

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